What is Essential Oil and Absolute

“Essential Oil” and “Absolute” are different from “Fragrance Oil”.

“Essential Oil” and “Absolute” are naturally extracted from plants.

“Essential Oil” is usually extracted by steam distillation or cold press method. It could be used in many ways and needs.

“Absolute” is normally extracted by solvent extraction method, and some may by CO2 extraction method. It is suggested only for smelling, diffusion, making perfume, or add small amount into massage oil to enhance the aroma.

“Fragrance Oil” is artificial chemical synthetic petroleum-based compounds, usually come with strong and dry pungent smell. Smelling too much may cause nerves tension and allergic reactions.

Essential Oil


Fragrance Oil

Extracted from



Petroleum-based compounds

Extraction method

Steam distillation or cold press

Solvent extraction or CO2 extraction

Artificial chemical

Ways of Use

Many ways and needs

Suggested only for smelling, diffusion, making perfume, or adding small amount into massage oils or skin care products to enhance the aroma

For smelling, diffusion or making perfume, but may cause nerves tension and allergic reactions

“Aroma Product” is a rough general term for “Essential Oil”, “Absolute” and “Fragrance Oil”. We should avoid using this term in case any misleading description.

To protect the health of public and our staffs, Hong Gardo Aromatherapy only sells natural products from plants and never ever sells or uses “Fragrance Oil”.