1. How to store Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils?

Please store in dark and cool place below 30℃.

2. Why Essential Oil or Vegetable Oil from the same kind of plant has different ingredients ratio, scent and colour?

Essential Oils and Vegetable Oils are natural products. Their ingredients ratio, scent and colour will be vary due to the growth of plant itself, climate issue and difference in origin. Thus, the ingredients ratio, scent and colour of the same Essential Oil or Vegetable Oil from different brand or different batch could be different.

3. 1ml of Essential Oil or Vegetable Oil equals how many drops?

Normally 1ml of Essential Oil or Vegetable Oil roughly equals to 20 drops.

4. Is the expensive Essential Oil more effective than the cheap one?

The price of Essential Oil is mainly depends on the difficultness of extraction and rareness. Using the right Essential Oil in the appropriate way will get the right effect, which is not related to the price of Essential Oil.

5. Can we apply Essential Oil directly on skin?

Apart from infant and young child, and the Essential Oils with contraindication, most Essential Oils are suitable for apply 1 or 2 drops directly on small skin area. Please always take attention to any contraindication of essential oil before use or make any blend.

6. Can Essential Oil remove stinky smell?

No. Although some strong scent Essential Oil could cover the stinky smell, in fact what we breathe in is the mix of both. This isn’t good for our health. The correct way is to remove the source of that stinky smell first, and let fresh air to clear the remaining stinky smell. Then we can enjoy the scent of Essential Oil.

7. Can Essential Oil purify air?

To be precise, Essential Oil could reduce germs in air, but it cannot clear the pollutants in air such as smog.

8. Why I have to input shipping address when I choose self pick-up?

We understand this system issue may cause inconvenience to you, we are already finding solution on this issue with our great effort. If you do not want to disclose your address when choosing self pick-up, you could input a fake shipping address for self pick-up order only. However, for all delivery orders, you must provide a true and correct shipping address.