Essential Oil Applications

There are unlimited ways to use essential oils in daily life. The 2 most popular channels are by smelling and skin absorption.


We usually smell essential oils to give support for respiratory system, soothing the symptoms of respiratory inflection, balance emotions, help in psychological issues, purifying the soul, meditation, create a special atmosphere, etc. The followings are the popular ways to smell essential oils:

1) Directly smell essential oil from the bottle

2) Use essential oil diffuser, diffuser lamp or any other way for diffusion

3) Blend essential oil with alcohol/natural emulsifier and water as a spray to help in emotion, psychological and spiritual issues.

4) Add essential oil into hot water and smell it with the steam to help in soothing the symptoms of respiratory inflection.

Skin Absorption:

We usually apply essential oils on skin for better skin condition, to help in skin problems, or help in particular symptoms of small local body area. The scent of essential oils leave on the skin could also help in psychological and spiritual issues. The followings are the popular ways to apply essential oils on skin:

1) Dilute the essential oil in vegetable oil to use as massage oil

The essential oil concentration will be vary for different situations. We suggest the concentration should not more than the following:

Basic Nourishing / Massage: 3 – 5%
Facial Care / Massage: 1 – 3%
Full Body Nourishing / Massage: 10 – 15%
*0 – 2 yrs Infant Full Body Massage: 1 – 2%
*2 – 6 yrs Child Full Body Massage: 2 – 5%
*6 – 12 yrs Child Full Body Massage: 5 – 8%
Local Symptoms Treatment: 20 – 50%

*Depends on body weight and height

For example, if you need to blend a massage oil with 10% essential oil, you could add 1ml (=20 drops) essential oil into a 10ml bottle, then fill up the bottle with vegetable oil.

2) Add Essential Oil into DIY Skin Care Products

In general, the recipe of DIY skin care cream products contains Oil, Water and Emulsifier. If you want to add essential oil into your DIY skin care cream products, you could blend the essential oil with vegetable oil first, then add emulsifier, and last, add water to the point of your desired thickness of products. Or, you could directly add essential oil into high quality Aloe Vera Gel. We suggest the concentration of essential oil should not more than 1 – 3%, depends on which part of body you want to apply the skin care product.

When calculating the ingredients ratio of your DIY skin care products with essential oil, please count the essential oil in the part of oil.

As most off-the-shelf skin care products in the market contain stabilizer or other materials, essential oil may not dissolve well when adding into those products, or cause any unknown chemical reaction. Therefore, we do not suggest to add essential oil into off-the-shelf skin care products.

3) Aroma Bath/Spa

This is the best option for relaxing. You could directly go into the bath after massaged with blended massage oil, or add no more than 10 drops of essential oil with natural emulsifier into the bath water before enter in it.

4) Apply Pure Essential Oil Directly on Skin

It is only for small local skin area application to help in particular symptoms. Normal application is 1 or 2 drops. However it needs cautious attention to any contraindication, and not recommend for infant and young child.

It is very important to use essential oil in a safe manner. The effect of essential oil may be different to every individual. In general, the higher the concentration of essential oil, the higher is the skin sensitivity. The total amount of essential oil absorbed into our body, will affect the efficiency and the body reaction to the essential oil. Also, if using essential oil in high concentration, please do not use more than 5 continuous days, and remember to take 1 – 2 weeks break after to give enough time for metabolism. Moreover, please do not use excess amount, and always take attention to any contraindication of essential oil before use or make any blend.

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